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Reading Joe Jiménez Poems Is Like Entering The Haunted House Of My Body

    My body is a haunted house full of creaks and scars and whispers. Memories of all that was not to be. Of lovers who didn’t know how to love and hurt so much that I in the end as well lost that ability de amar Of that warming flame, the pure joy of warm skin and of letting It all go, not even the memory remains. There was the one who used me for some kind of exorcism I couldn’t work out why my heart was in a knot when I was with him all the anguish The angustia! A crucified man who made love with eyes tight shut.   As you will have it I went and found the opposite, dark eyes, always, іEso sí! wanting to look at everything I mean, everything. A cathedral’s bell his laughter, he loved to laugh and had a cannibal smile. Being with him was at first a revelation, then came the pain and I crawled right back into the centre of my body and curled tight like a snake or like a foetu